NIP Challenges in EU Courts

Anyone heard how the two guys are going on in the European Court … challenging the NIP notices under the Human Rights section entitling us to the right of silence???

(Started last week 25th I think)

Last I heard they’ve made their case and they’re waiting on a decision - which could take up to a year or so

Yep, like that’s ever going to go their way!

I tried talking to them but they wouldnt say f*ck all about it just kept there mouths shut…

Oh woe is me, such doom and gloom. Methinks someone is browbeaten into submission!

There was an earlier case brought by an Austrian against the Austrian Government who operate the same system as ours it seems. That case only just failed and it seems that what was learned there has given these guys the confidence to give it another run.

Thing is anyone getting a Nip now can use the PepiPoo ‘Pace’ reply and also add that any case should be held in abeyance pending the decision of the European Courts … to save tax payers monies been wasted in an hearing and subsequent admin required to provide a refund and remove points. Anything to confuse the Beak and make the CPS accountable.

These tax collectors thrive because most people chicken out.

Reading MCN the case has been put to the twenty three thousand four hundred and sixty nine judges who sat and heard the case (is that where our EU contributions go every year to support a bunch of non productive parasites) They all go away now and consider their individual decisions. Hopefully they all return within a year and nature selection/shrinkage wont screw up the final scores.

Good news is if you get a NIP do the right thing, send in a Pepipoo PACE Statement while ever the option remains open, ignore the threats.

When you get a summons write to the Clerk of the Court respectfully suggesting that they save tax payers money and the Courts time by adjourning the hearing subject to the Judges returning their decisions.

If he’s a muppet, even if he is the most dangerous man in the Court, don’t abuse him but then put your case to the bored little conservative lay people sat on the bench.

Good luck.

maybe there will be a few bikers amongst that figure…

may sound a little slow here but what is a NIP and a Pepio (i think that is how it was spelt) as I’m reading this and have no idea on what your talking about

NIP = Notice of Intended Prosecution usually sent out after a tax victim has been caught looking at the road and driving 6 mph over the speed limit rather than driving without due care and attention because they are glued to the speedo and rear view mirror.

PePiPoo.Com put it into Google and you’ll see that its a help site for those caught in the 'trap.

Don’t go there if you don’t have big Gonads because if you take thier advice, you will be intimidated and browbeaten if you dare to say ‘No … fooook off.’

Hate to say it but speeding is a strict liability offense, in the same league as dangerous driving.

Then they will have to start getting off their ar*ses again an catchin the offenders, instead of fixing the results in their favour to gather taxes to support a government that criminally mismanages everything it touches.