nintendo Wii for sale


I’m now having to sell my ninteno Wii, it has 2 Wii-motes and 2 Nun-chucks, has Wii sports, red steel and some monkey game thing (I dont play this one).

I bought this from france (adaptor included)but have been playing it for like a month with no problems. I know these are still hard to get hold of anyone interested please let me know.

I’m looking for £240 but everything here is worth over £300, you are still covered under the warranty so let me know.

Check your email

Is it sold?

I hope so :]

hi guys, sorry for the late response put this on then went to bed.

Rottie not sure if I’m looking in the wrong place but there was no mail

No at the moment it is not sold but as rottie got in there 1st I feel I should wait for you to respond 1st…

You’ve got PM then