Ninja Newb

Hi all, just thought I’d say hello as I’ve been lurking about reading the posts here for a couple of days! And need to ask where people ride out as I’m based in SW London and due to the fact my mates all seem to regard bikes as a deathtrap I’ve been confined to a bit of lone riding so far! I take it the Ace and Boxhill are the places to be?

Watcha mate, another Ninja here based SW London. Got it about right, boxhill and the ace. Soho and Bury Hill. If you want a spin out sometime, let me know.

Likewise dude. welcome to the site.

Hi there Shatter… Welcome to the site… If you ever want a blat out somewhere dont hesitate to contact any of us… There is always something going on… I was a lone biker for a year and a half… Know how you feel man!!!

Cool thanks I might well just do that - and you can all have a chuckle at my inept riding style

We’ll be the judge of that!!! Only joking dude… You coming out tonight???