Nikon Digital SLR + bits

I have just upgraded my digital camera (Nikon D2X) and am now selling my old one:

Nikon D100 6.1 megapixel semi pro SLR digital camera. 3 yrs old
MB-D100 multi function battery pack
2 x batteries
Sigma 28-70mm F2.8 lens (constant)
All manuals, wires, software, boxes, receipts etc

  • free 128K Compact Flash card

All in immaculate full working condition

I am looking for £ 300 from here for a couple of weeks, but then will go to eBay on at £ 350 as suggested by Nikon today. I have also put this on the Boxhill Forum.

The original cost was £ 1,500 for the camera, plus I think £ 500 for the lens.

PM me if interested.

Nice camera and accessories, Baloo. I especially like the overkill battery pack. Good luck selling it! (Cezar, you could do worse…)

I’ll ask around for you see if anyone I know wants it.

Canons better though

Jay, the battery pack was purchased due to the size of my hands. I needed teh extra depth to hold the camera properly. Plus it doubles the battery life (hence two batteries).

Besides, it looked cool !

Project, Cannon Shmannon. Go Nikon!

I’ll second that Baloo. And the further Nikon go, the better. LOLOLOL Don’t give up Kev, we’ll convert the heathens yet!!

But seriously folks, this is a great deal!!! Throw away your bobbins point-and-shoot now. Get this rig.

Obviously too good a deal. It is now sold.