Nikon D80 + 18-70mm + 70-300mm + flash, bag & tripod

I’m selling my whole photography kit: 

  • Nikon D80 body 
  • Nikkor 18-70mm f/3.5~4.5G IF ED lens 
  • Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 APO DG Macro lens 
  • Jessops 300AFDN flashgun 
  • Hoya 58mm UV Filter (for the Sigma lens) 
  • Hama Star 63 tripod (including the bag) 
  • Lowepro Slingshot 100 sling bag 
  • 1GB and 4GB memory cards 
  • all original accessories and bags (battery, charger, etc.) 

Everything comes in its original packaging and is in very good condition. Selling it all due to not shooting much lately and hoping that it’ll be of more use to someone who does. 

Collection only, unfortunately, as I don’t have means to deliver it all!

Asking price - £350

Couldn’t add photos to the main post.


if any of that is compatible with the D3300 then i’d be interested in some of the bits if you ever wanted to break it up.

Let me know, appreciate you have only just put this up.

I’m not sure about the compatibility, I think(!) all Nikkon/Nikkor stuff is compatible.

What specifically are you interested in?

They are all compatible, as both are APS-C frame cameras, but the D80 has a focus motor in the body whilst the D3300 does not.

This means if lenses do not have their own motors then they will not be able to auto focus on a D3300, although they can be manually focussed.

The Nikkor 18-70mm does have a motor because it is an AF-S lens, so will have an ultrasonic one.  But the Sigma 17-300m depends on whether it is an older or newer version, as Sigma only added a motor to the lens after Nikon stopped including them in their entry-level bodies. 

I do not think you can tell which version the Sigma lens is from a photo alone, although I am not a Nikon user.

Does this answer if it’s got the motor or not?


I think those specs are the same for both, there is nothing in the designations to explain the difference, so it would only help if you knew the barcodes for the different versions.

But if you look at the mount on the lens, see if there is what looks like a screw with a slot in the bottom right (the eletrical contacts on top).  The screws holding a lens together will normally be smaller and use a philips head so it should be obvious.

That slotted screw is how the motor in the body physically connects to focus the lens, so if a lens has one then it will not have its own motor.  If it is missing then it means it has its own motor that is controlled electronically.  A lens would not have both as the body motor would risk damaging the lens’s own one.

Nikkor is the brand Nikon use for lenses, so all the same.