nikon d200 ££? or what can i buy

after being inspired by a lot of your photos and selling my 4/6 gullarm i have upto £500 to spend will i get a d200 for that money if £500 wont buy a d200 what does any one recomend for upto 500 quid

or does any one wanna sell theirs ?




Have you asked Andrew or Mike for advice?

Alright si, sorry for delay. But here’s the gen! The d200 is a fine camera and damn good value now. Like all but the cureby models of Nikon they don’t excel in low light conditions but otherwise they are great. But that model with confidence. Otherwise a canon 40d would be a good option.

Thanks for that much appreciated after today i think i may stick to taking photos of trackdays in stead of riding them

so ill get one soon as i can

watch this space:)