Nikon D200 DSLR

I finally bit the bullet and bought one today. I’ve been eyeing one up for some time but had a hard time justifying the cost before now. I was in Fixation to return my hire equipment for the GP and thought I’d ask for a price, and they came up trumps, offering me a superb price of around the £850 mark, with a discount on my hire bill, so I took one then and there!

The controls are completely different to my outgoing D70 (now for use by Foxy), so no doubt it’ll take me some time to get used to things, but wow, the quality is oozing out of it. The huge screen is fantastic for getting an exact idea as to how good the photo is then and there, something the D70 couldn’t tell you without downloading to a computer first. The menu system is slick with more options to customise the body.

Interestingly Nikon have moved many controls which were digital options on the menu from the D70-era back onto manual toggles and dials. This sounds perverse but it makes so much sense when you want to change focus type, mode and frame speed.

The big improvements for me are the increased frame rate of five frames per second now and an improved focus sensor, which is a huge improvement over the D70, meaning you can get tighter shots, more often, increasing the hit rate. I can’t wait to try this at the track! Image resolution is improved by nearly double to 10 mega pixels, giving more scope for good quality cropping.

The shutter release mechanism noise has changed as well, to something more like Canon’s, which I actually prefer, it’s very clean and quick. Small things like this really make for a good first impression. I look forward to testing the camera in anger at this week’s meet! The body feels a lot studier as well, more professional, and Nikon claim better weather seals, which after my Donington experience is very much welcomed

I think I’ll get the vertical battery pack accessory for longer sessions, i.e. at the track and in a few weeks get a new lens like the Nikon 18-200mm VR.

Looks awesome

You were just jealous of mine, own up



Snap, I have a 1000 as well

  • showoff!

Hmm very nice Jay, I know from a friends that it is a beauty.

But without wishing to rain on your parade, here´s my new toy too



Think it maybe time to upgrade my cam!

Nice one Jay!!

Jay, you could have bought two Canon EOS 400D’s for that!!!

As for Andrew, you jammey git!!!

Nice camera Jay, got one myself a few weeks back - £548, UK model, brand new

that´s right Chuffster upset tthe site owner hehe. It´s only his ball remember lol lol

That´s a great price mind. It´s a great bit of kit and far better than 2 400Ds I gotta say

Just jealous that my Eos 3 with moto drive is worth diddly squat in part exchange or I would get a EOS 40D

To make matters worth - I bought 2 and sold one on

Bleh, I hate price-showoffs

Andrew, I want to see it mate!

Well I´ll bring it along next meet then

Tell ya mate, it´s a beauty. Finding a girl is soooooo far down the agenda now.

Yay Rich you must have made a killing so fair play mate. It is a great bit of kit and better than the Canon 30D from mÿ experience.

It´s an interesting battle between those two manufacturers and in the 1000 quid (RRP) bracket I´d go D200 all the way. Next yr Canon will stuff the D200 but Nikon will try (and naturally fail hehe ) to beat the Mark III.

Nikon have had a new pro camera in development for ages according to rumour. God knows if it’s true, but I’m not in that market, the D200 will do me for a long time yet!

Look forward to seeing the mk3.

Jay - its not what you have got, its what you can do with it - so the saying goes.

Then I’m doomed I don’t get enough time to get into photography properly, so each time I go out, I’m essentially re-learning what I’ve already learnt, but need to refamilerise myself with.

Would have LOVED a 400 or 500mm lens for Donington, the 300mm wasn’t long enough really.

A longer lens would have been good then, but why not get a 1.4 convertor which is a cheap way to make it better and hardly degrades the quality of the picture.

I used a 2x converter at WSB Brands last year and didn’t get good results, though I think I could probably better it a second time round. I didn’t use a monopod that time, which was probably the killer. I can’t wait to get the D200 to the track.

2X will degrade too much, you can get away with a 1.4 without losing much of the quality. And at Brands, you shouldn’t need anything more than a 200 lens, with use of 1.4 convertor.

Try going down for an evening track day session and having a practice. If you want to go down, let me know, I may be able to come as well, practice makes perfect as they say.

Nice camera the D200 (shame it’s a darksider one )

I’m currently using an EOS 5D, still a tog newbie as well as biker newbie.

I had a quick play with the 1D MKIII when I went to see a friend at Reuters in Japan…I really wish I could afford one.

One question though, reading up on the 1D MKIII, a lot of reviews say the AF has a few issues. Have you found this to be the case?

Hard to say mate, I still get a lot of not sharp images but I wasn’t expecting every shot to be sharp anyway. It can’t stop camera shake, only a higher shutter speed will do that, or me not holding the af point on the subject when I press the button.

I do get more sharp shots than before (a 10D) and when they’re sharp, they are VERY sharp. I’ve watched Double Red delete hundreds from a card shot on a Mark IIn by their top pro because they weren’t sharp either so I’m pretty sure it’s not the kit, it’s just the problem with shooting bikes doing 100+ with a 300+mm lens.

The 5D is sublime tho, amazing image qual - I’d love one to do general photography with.