Last night I dreamt I crashed my bike. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? :crying:

It made the ride to work this morning very fraught :unsure:

Take it easy on the way home as well.

I’ve occasionally had those bike crashing odd dreams. Also had dreams of beating Toseland around a track…I prefer the later.

I had that dream about a lorry swerve in front of me. I brake hard and dream ended like that. Scary…

I once had a dream that i was eating this massive marshmallow and when i woke up…

…My pillow was gone!! :w00t:

Hehe LOL

Horrible dreams on crashing, too close to the truth. Makes me rather careful on the road and I’m paranoid enough at things stand right now. Had a close call on Sunday on my lovely Sprint RS, mud and gently braking for a junction maketh tanky slapper an arse clenching episode…

Wasnt me in my truck pavel, Id let ya past :slight_smile:

I have one regularly that I have just woken up, had a shower etc going to get dressed, I open my closet and JPs in there :crazy: I wake up in horror :w00t:

What does that mean? :Whistling:

he’s coming out the closet :stuck_out_tongue:

Those aren’t nice! I sometimes visualise myself sliding off or something just before I get on the bike. This worries me as well! It only happens once in a blue moon, but I’m always super careful when this happens. You never know, it might be a warning.

Off on a bit of a tangent - I gave up smoking 8 years ago, and sometimes still dream that I have started again. In my dream I’m disappointed that I’ve started again, then relieved when I wake up and realise it was a dream :blink:

I rarely remember dreams (so no bike crashing ones - so far), but I occasionally drift off to sleep and then drift back awake again and think I’m smoking (something I never do in bed - eeeeeeeeeuch!). It doesn’t hald give me a shock before I realise it’s all a dream and the duvet won’t really be on fire:)

Smoking in bed? Those days are long gone (Viagra’s so expensive) but I enjoy the occasional fag on the front door-step.:stuck_out_tongue:

You must have broad-minded neighbours :):stuck_out_tongue:

I dreamt last night that I was riding across fields, over beautiful rolling hills and as far as I could see was all part of my own private estate! :slight_smile:

i never remember my dreams i just wake up feeling great or feeling like absolute *********! thas the worst as i have no idea why! :cool:

my missus spent the whole day pissed at me cause i said something horrid to her, couldnt work out what id said n two days of hell later realised shed been dreaming!!! :angry:

Had a dream once where I trip and fell over a cliff. Woke up and hit the floor. I had fallen out of bed.

Scared the living crap out of me seeing the floor coming towards me.

ouch, good thing ur cliff was only a foot off the floor lol:D