Nightmare Powercommander fitting, help!

I have just spent a very frustating and painful hour trying to fit my power commander to my k6 GSXR 750. The problem is that it has 8 injectors and the PC needs fitted to the lower 4 but they are so inaccessable that i cannot get them unplugged. The only solution i can see would be to have midget hands or take the tank off.

Any suggestions or anyone whose done it before or got small hands want to help?

Take the tank off, thats easy.

I was thinking that but no idea how to do it. Not exactly like my supermoto where you just close the taps and pull the pipes. Handbook strangely doesnt tell you how to remove the tank and i dont want petrol everywhere.

The petrol comes out under vacum. You can just pull the pipes off no problems.

Oh ok thats what i was thinking but when i undid one it dribbled a bit out but i guess that was just what was in the actual pipe. I’ll let you know if i manage to burn my kitchen down! Cheers.

When working on a bike or any vehicle, you should always have a fire extinguisher to hand. The petrol that comes out should literally be a few drops that are in the pipe.

dude i had a hard time fitting my PC to my k4 750, it took me 2 hours to wiggle them conectors free, just had to keep trying bit by bit and the will come, make shure you get the lil tabs free frist.

good luck dude.

let me know if you want a hand and lets go for a ride soon