I just mentioned in a text the catch phrase …“Nobody here but us chickens” and it took me a moment to remember where the hell I had heard it. It was the rather excellent comedy Nightingales. Short lived though it was, I really liked it.

I checked Youtube to find some examples of it…nope, nothing on there.

It was about three security guards who worked nights in an office building, it has Citizen Smith in it, Robert Lindsay, it was dark, it was strange, it had no real plot or story line development, but it was also, as I remember, very funny.

Anyone else remember this? Anyone else a fan?

epic comedy…i remember it well…:D…

i’m sooo glad i was’nt the only strange one watching it and wetting myself;).


Yep remeber the ship episode? with the new inspector?

Just saw a clip on Youtube and i can’t remember it.

The punch line always cracked me up.

used to love that show :slight_smile: Used to answer users with that phrase back in the day covering helldesk when they wanted more senior tech support… lol

I still use that phrase to this day… quality stuff !

£7.99 for the complete series at HMV :slight_smile:

I thought it was good too…

…reminded me of when I used to work night shifts in the old mainframe (IBM 360s to you young uns):stuck_out_tongue:

I just watched the very first episode again, and I just realised something when looking at the cast list.

Ding Dong Bell, the big thick Scottish guy who threatens everyone all the time, is played by the actor who plays Frank Gallagher in Shameless…even knowing that, and then looking at the two, I don’t see any resemblance.

Really strange.