Night Shift

Unfortunately I am one of those people that have to work on shift and as it seems mostly bloody nights!!

So is there any one else out there having to work tonight and if so what you up to??

Looks like it’s just you Russ! Have a good shift, I’m off to my pit! Night jon-boy!


looks as though that’s it i’m all on me own Ducati Pete.

Sleep tight John Boy!!!

I’m on nights…

just popped in for a sandwich…going back out in a moment…

6 hours to go!

I’m still far from finishing…and I started at 2pm

At least some nice women around! (I Mean REAL WOMEN , not the transvestites like last time:whistling

I work in the day for my boss, and I work through the night for LB…

I’m working right now! LB 2006 events calendar is in the oven!

Well Jay- at least you are doing something worth while. I have got 4, 12 hour night shifts to do.

That makes it all the worse sitting here looking after all that internet traffic that we a are all using, it sounds great but untill something breaks I have bugger all to do apart from surfing the net.

I’ve finally finished…And? I can’t sleep anyway! ********!

Not working…at home surfing the net and thinking of going to bed. I’m shot.

Massive database crash at work yesterday…15 hours yesterday…12 hours today to restore all of our financial data from 2002 through the present. UGH.

Do one week of nights in 4, start Sunday night, start at 2 today and finish at 9.


Gregman, breaking the systems to keep yourself in work is SOOOO last-century

That was SOOOOOO not good. We did a migration of our primary accounting system (Hyperion Enterprise) to a shiny new top end multi-processor box. Thought it would be a good time to apply the latest two patches to the application, as well. Preliminary testing revealed no faults.

Once the “real” load got put on the system with the October close, variances starting popping up. No rhyme or reason…just pure corruption.

Pulled the plug on the new server, rebooted the old server and loaded all data into the old application. Time consuming…but necessary to get October closed. That has now bought me about 2.5 weeks to get a Hyperion developer in here to diagonose what is wrong with the application installed on the new box and get all of our information transferred back onto the the new hardware.

I guess this is why I make the “big money”…right? RIGHT?! ROFL

sounds like our IT section, since they now wont let users be administrators, every time they do an upgrade the bloody servers drop out. the stuff we run under Citrix is worse they upgrade the client and it dont work. get that fixed and they upgrade the app and that dont work. It doesnt help that one of our suppliers forgets to put the fixes from the last upgrade into the new build so we have to edit theapps to make them work properly.


Citrix?! Jay shudders

Gregman, I feel your pain, I’ve had this happen on my watch before as well once. I needed a clean pair of underpants that morning.

I can relate…

I feel like I aged a year in the last 4 days.

But…it’s done…October is closed, validated and published. Now…to figure out what in the hell drove that application right into the crapper on the new box. :shrug

er excuse me but what language are you guys talking…!!!