Night Riding

You just can’t beat it can you? OK, you can… I did a track day once and that was ace. Scary but ace. Also, I’ve been told the roads are quite clear at around 5am, but the only time I’ve ever seen the roads at that sort of time, I’d be in no state whatsoever to be in charge of a motorcycle. Jeez, if I’m out at that time of the morning, I’m usually in no fit state to be in charge of myself!

Night-time is a different matter though. All the family types and the old biddies and even most of the commuters are at home watching rubbish TV by about 9pm, or not long after, which leaves the hidden dark and twisty A’s and B’s to me and my bike and you too - if you’re not scared of the dark!

Having just acquired a new bike I’m in a rush to run it in, so I can enjoy it properly before it really does get too cold and wet to really go for it. So, last night I did 130 miles of as many twisties as I could find - cruised down the M4 to Windsor, took the diddy back road to Twyford, cut across Reading, A33 to Basingstoke, A339 to Alton, B3349 towards the Lord Derby and onto the M3 for a bit before coming off at Bracknell junction 3, towards Guildford and taking yet more twisties back to the A3 for the final cruise home.

I’ve always enjoyed night riding and maybe the fact that I was running-in fitted nicely with the reduced visibility, so I wasn’t tempted to go too crazy.

Anyway, night riding rocks!

…That’s night riding …not Knight Rider! …Although obviously, the Hoff rocks, too!



Damn right he rocks:

What the hell is that?!?!

I mean, I know what it is… but… how/what/huh?

Obviously someone’s replica, so what’s the story?

My old car…restored it, sold it, had fun! Had it for nearly 5 years

I love night riding anytime after 10:30pm is good for me the road are quite, roundabouts are empty and you get to ride on any line you chose

Who’s up for a lil night ride sometime in the near future a few bikes, twisty roads and a cup of Hot Coco at the end of it all.

im not overly keen on night riding but thats cos i dont really do much of it! however i do enjoy my friday nights at the ace and then frith!!!

I did Box Hill a couple of weeks back in the dark…First time ever been there and it **** me up more than any of my high speed trackday crashes

How do you guys do it? That is, see where the road is going?..All I could see was chevrons and the drizzle running down my visor and think, “Muppet, what are you doing!”.

I’ll try again after I’ve fitted the Phillips Vision Blue headlights, but I think there must be a technique…I was only going about 50 around some of the bends…Holding up cars


When I first started riding I hated the night time I didn’t see things unit they were right under my nose, but after riding to and from clubs or going to see friends and leaving at night I just got used to it (didn’t even notice) now I ride around all night un-phased… err with a tinted visor.

Essential things for good night rides:

  1. Eyesight. Sounds obvious, but some people have never had their eyes tested and don’t realise they’re half blind. I can see fine in bright daylight without my contacts, but at night my visibility goes right down without them.

  2. Clean Visor. Another obvious one, but even a slight coating of grime makes a difference.

  3. Nice warm/dry gear.

  4. Relaxed demeanour. I try to see night rides not so much as totall balls out opportunities, but more for enjoying the roads without anyone in my way. That’s not to say that I don’t ‘make good progress’ as it were, officer, but just do it in a relaxed way. Maybe it’s having the roads relatively clear brings the ‘hurry’ levels down?

Anyway, someone mentioned a night ride… I’d probably be up for one, at some point. I just seem to be riding to work and back every day… what a waste!

Tell me about it…Commuting on a sports bike isn’t much fun, but then I used the tube again today and realised why I do it (and I get free London transport).

If you’re up for Box Hill at night or wherever Gadget, then let me know…I’d appreciate any tips.

keep the front wheel down dude!! ive found headlights only work when both wheels are on the road, unless ur plane spotting

You can make going anywhere on your bike fun even back and forth to work and im up for a night ride anytime just PM me the when and where!


ooooh, me too. I love riding anytime!

Tell me about it soon enough i will be back on my gixxer having a fix yea !

Mate did you do country roads though where Mr. Badger thinks its ok to start crossing at night

Yeah, I think I’ll give it a blast again…Riding in the city after dark is fine because of the unnatural light pollution.

Trying to ride twisties at speed at night with no street lighting is interesting…Yes, I know, shouldn’t have been trying to ride 'em at speed.

Why don’t we all go for a night ride in the country then someone else can go up front though

I’ve not found night-riding a problem - as long as my lights are working!

I’m happy to lead or be rear-gunner. Not so happy following folk who slow up around bends.

So when’s LB’s first night rideout & where?

Let’s do a Box Hill midnight run

Next week!

Yeah 10 of us go out none of us make it back, I remember doing that run at 4pm during winter it was horrible

Thought you said you was a nite rida (an I ain’t talking about no undercover bizness)?