Night out in London this saturday, Pubs and Clubs

Saturday day is my last ever shift at my crappy pub in Richmond, am finally moving to the Crowne and Sceptre in Shepherd’s Bush, so I am celebrating by going out into London sat night.

Plan is to head into London after work, go to that pub Steve’s always going on about, Ben Crouches Tavern, then head to the Intrepid Fox, The Ship and probably Sin (rock club)!

Anyone else up for it?

So far it’s me, Steve, Stacy, George, Riz, Gems and a load of the CBC guys, RoadRunner, if he hasn’t already passed out by then :stuck_out_tongue: Arnie poss meeting up for a bit.

Going to head into london for about 7.30/8pm ish, probably meeting up somewhere around Oxford Circus, will add details once i’ve sorted it.

So the plan is to meet up at oxford street station or in ben crouches tavern around 7.30/8pm saturday. (Ben Crouches) (The Ship) (Intrepid Fox) (Intrepid Fox) (Sin Nightclub)