Niffer needs help for daughter

I Want one of these

Bit old fashioned I know but being an OLD fashioned sort of gal it should suit. It’s a yamaha YBR Custom. I’m a bit of a short a*** and can just reach the deck on this.(on tip toes) Guess it will do till I pass my test. (won’t be any time soon)

Hmmm love the cardboard box idea. Just need to decide what bike to paint on the side. Any suggestions ? Now if it’s only a cardboard one, I can have anything, price no object.:smiley: Might not run up the road with it though, but around the garden for a few spins sounds good. I mean I don’t want to over stretch myself I haven’t been on a bike in a while.:hehe:

What a nice looking little bike, wonder if it’s a replacement for the SR125


That’s a nice little ride, good summer cruiser… if only you could wear a lovely flowing head scarf instead of a crash helmet!. :smiley: If your having trouble getting your feet down there’s always a trike to consider… plus it gives an automatic bad a$$ image, which will help balance out being abit of a gardener of late.

Id say draw yourself a good little Harley on the side of the box, although you might have a sore throat for afew days after impersonating the engine sound from one of those.

Any news on the other bike today?

Yes good news phoned this morning. They cleaned the sensor for the neutral light. Said the chain was a tad dry and making a noise and instructed her to lubricate it twice a week. They said they took it for an extended run and found no other problems. The morning it played up Daughter took the bike around her friends who lived near by he took a look and said the oil was very low. So topped it up for her,it still played up all the way home. The garage said it could have been because the oil got low. So looks like all is well and fingers crossed it stays that way. Does any one know if it had, had a bit of dirty fuel would that cause similar problems. Grasping at straws now. Guess we my never know what happened that day, unless it happens again. Oh no :w00t:. Just waiting on a call from them now to find out when they can bring it home. This :smiley: was Daughters face when I said Vixen (thats the bike) is coming home. At least we will have one bike to play with. This One…

All is good then :smiley: It looks like Johnny Blaze’s bike… aka “Ghost Rider”

probally to late, i have had a few bikes with hard to find neutral every time it was the chain to tight but im no mechanic :slight_smile:

Thanks slysi90 bike is back now Daughter said aside from it being a little noisier than it was all seams well. The dealer said she needs to make sure she lubricates the the chain twice a week. I think it could have been due to low oil. Any way she has been out on it and so far so good.:smiley:

I’m sooooo jealous as I don’t have a bike STILL.:crying::crying::crying: