Niffer needs help for daughter

Hi all. I have never posted on a forum before so forgive my errors should I make any. I don’t think this is the correct place for this post but couldn’t find a better one, Sorry.

Can anyone tell me what section I should post this in.

I need some advice. My daughter has purchased a secondhand Suzuki Marauder 125 it’s her first bike and its only 4 years old. She loves it and all was well until she was on her way home from college the other day. She noticed a noise that wasn’t there for the previous 2 months. This is how she describes it. It sounds as if the bike needs to change up a gear. The engine is laboring no matter what gear she is in, and the bike lacks power. She also noticed a juddering at times. The noise is only there when the bike is in gear and she is going along.

She has had trouble finding neutral since she got it is this normal for a beginner also her neutral light doesn’t always work.

Can anyone offer any advice or enlighten us to what might be the problem

Thanks for your patience


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Sounds like it could be a clutch problem but whatever it is, get it checked out at your local garage at least to confirm it’s nothing more serious.

Not sure about the neutral light but that’s not really a potential serious issue and won’t effect the mechanics of the bike.


Thanks folks. It’s still under 3 month warranty so will arrange for it to go back to the dealer. My daughter has stayed off it since returning home so as not to make matters worse. It’s such a shame she (the daughter) was so upset about it and is now bikeless :frowning:

As a gesture of goodwill the dealer might supply a loan bike while it’s being repaired, well your daughter is desperate isn’t she;)

OK contacted dealer in Surrey the Daughter’s Marauder is going back tomorrow (Tuesday) and as we live over 50 miles away with no way to get the bike back to them, they are going to collect it from us. So, so far so good all we need now is for them to get it fixed. I will let you all know how it goes. Thanks for the help. :slight_smile:

When she twists the throttle on does it make a “WURRRRP” type of noise and lose power?, could be the sparkplug not sparking properly if so… or some sort of electrical fault making the engine out of sync with the computer as if the neutral light is not working the bikes computer might not be knowing what the engine is upto.

Hi SirYamalot

Spoke to Daughter

She say’s no “WURRRP” noise sounds fine when in nutral or when its not going along. Definately lacks power though, My Brother (a biker of 40 years experience) checked spark plug said it was fine and fuel getting through ok too. Computer :blink: ? Does a 125 Marauder have a computer, I wouldn’t have a clue?

Neutral light works most of the time. I know its a bugger in a traffic queue when she is sitting waiting and cant get it into neutral or the Nutral light wont work so poor girl dont know what to do.

I only hope they get it sorted for her the 3 month warrenty runs out on the 28th of this month and she spent everything she had on this bike, so no spare cash to get it fixed. She needs it to get her 40 miles to college and back. We thought she had got a good un. It only has 7300 on the clock and is in nice nick for a 4 year old bike.

Still it goes back tomorrow I only hope they find out what the problem is. :unsure:

Hi niffer well fingers crossed its nothing serious, as others say it sounds like it could just be the clutch, let us know how it goes and get her to sign up on here as well, that way she can look up old posts for advice etc. :slight_smile:

deffo gotta be clutch slipping espicaly with the not finding netural thing could have just needed adjusting

Hi folks. Latest news is a lovely young man :Wow:came to collect Daughters bike, shame Daughter was at college. He gave it a spin and said aside from a rattle from the exhaust and the neutral light is faulty, he couldn’t find any thing wrong with it. He did say he is not a mechanic. So into the van it went. I had expected a call today saying nothing is wrong with the bike and Daughter’s inexperience is mainly to blame. Well no call today perhaps they haven’t had time to look at it and we will get a call tomorrow. :unsure: So all appendages are crossed all goes well and we get it back soon. I think Daughter has withdrawals, I offered her my push bike and she just laughed.:hehe:

Anything’s better than getting on the poverty wagon, just tell her to crush a coke can onto the front wheel so it goes between the wheel arch and the wheel, it will soon start making a motobrike noise… as long as she pedals hard :wink:

:w00t: She would as well, but its MY bike and i’d kill her,so I won’t tell her to do that. She is naughty enough as it is. Mums revenge I might make her walk every where instead:hehe: No, I’m not really that wicked. Up date on her bike is. they arn’t even looking at it till Monday so got to phone Tuesday. Any way some good has come out of it Daughter is so bored without her bike, she has started doing gardening. She must be sick anyone else ever heard of a 17 year old doing gardening. Now where did I leave the thermometer.:unsure:

sound like a kwaka that then :slight_smile:

lol i havent had my bike for about 3 weeks
still havent resorted to gardening though :stuck_out_tongue:

:w00t: O no fishface where’s your bike. 3 weeks is a loooong time.

Gardening??!.. Hmmm more like she was burying the remains of your bike after she took it then crashed it.

haha, Where’s your bike at the moment?.. I could never do gardening, just the thought of it and that brass band from Ground Force starts playing in my head… id endup digging my own head out.

Whats even worse is… Oh no. I been so bored waiting for the dealer to get me a bike from Yamaha that… Sorry I couldn’t help it I been gardening too See it don’t look so bad if I write it small. Well I say gardening more like pruning vigorously. :angry:Tell me why do they say it will be available Early June when it’s NOT. It’s MID June and I want it NOW :crazy::crying:

There I feel better now:satisfied:

Sir Yamalot who is the pretty in your Avatar?:hehe:

haha, well the pruning experience will come in handy abit later when your carefully cutting hardend bug-splat flies from off your helmet.

Thats right… you let it out, dont build it up on the inside,ha. What bike have you got yourself?, I was waiting a month for my bike… I was tempted to draw a picture of the bike on the side of a cardboard box and run down the road with it around my waist to help with the agony of waiting… anylonger waiting for you though and I fear the plants in your garden will endup as just stems.

That will be me in the avatar… I have my bike as my main personal photo as I feel its part of me :smiley: