Nicole wants to know

Where to get decent women’s motorcycling gear.

She has the textile jacket and trousers she bought this year but doesn’t like it as it doesn’t fit well.

Who has a good stock of sizes and brands - somewhere she can go to try on?

Also any recommendations for particular products.


I went to bike stop up in Stevenage for dainese gear for my wife. Good choice and range and we left with goretex trousers.and jacket

I think down south p&h had ok range as well…

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Another vote for bike stop, they’re great people

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Stevenage isn’t so far for us. What is P & H?


P&H is a big bike store down in Crawley… It’s just p&h, don’t know what it stands for.

But I’m guessing if Stevenage is close, Crawley isn’t

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Sportsbikeshop has got a bricks n mortar place in South Reading, not far from the m4 junction. Their online ladies selection is really good, although their instore offerings isn’t so great. So much depends on what she’s after - high spec race leathers or occasional weekend pilly riding etc.

On Yer Bike has a reasonable range of ladies clothing, especially considering the size of their premises, and the bike franchises there also have their own range.

My own fave place for new gear is ebay and pretty much my entire biking wardrobe has come via there, either through a discounted outlet or 2nd hand. And I have got A LOT of gear!

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seriously, i am short round and not any kind of typical womens sizes and yet motogirl provided me with trousers that fit and arn’t too long, a jacket which is comfortable and fits beautifully.
Give these girls a go they know their stuff.


Thanks very much, I’ll take a look - Nicole