Nicky Hayden on Ducati

Hey all,

Do you think the Ducatti and Hayden combo are gonna be major players for the 09 MotoGP crown?.. if Hayden’s bike is anything like Stoners I think he could very well take the championship!, hopefully put Stoner in a bit of a shadow too! :hehe::cool:

Can’t wait…he’s already done better than Melandri did on his first day at work…:wink:



fastest today in the damp

just a shame it will be on BBC , and no randy , julian & toby :frowning:

Nickys First Ride on the Desmo

I’m really excited, i cant wait to watch him race that, sideways & spinning its arse off…!

Propper 2 fingers to honda, it’ll be great… :stuck_out_tongue:

Looking good for a Septic;):smiley: