Nick Sanders. The start of the Parallel World Project

Thought I’d pop this up for anyone who hadn’t caught it, it’s Nicks first Podcast as he begins his Parallel World Project.

Cheers. Simon T

This is the first podcast Nick sent before he set off on a 55,000mile 120 day round the world trip. He is travelling both up and down and round! From the most northerly to most southerly points on each continent. He is on a Yamaha R1. Yes, you heard right! He will be crossing deserts, traversing Australia and riding the Himalayas amongst other things. He is totally alone and unsupported and takes no luggage except a toothbrush, Sony HD camera and laptop. He doesn’t even take underwear…but that’s cos he doesn’t wear any!

Is he mad or just doing what we can’t/won’t do?..Watch this space for further podcasts. He left from Greenwich meridien 2 weeks ago and is currently in Turkey. He aims to be in Cape Town in 5 weeks…so don’t look away as you might just miss him!

here’s Nicks 2nd Podcast.

Another podcast. I texted Nick tonight to see how he is doing. He is camping in a remote part of Turkey. The sky was pitch black with only stars and no light pollution.

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This one is cute!


Sorry! Trouble getting podcast! Will try again tomorrow!


Hi everyone!

loads of new podcasts by Nick on especailly recommend the ballooning one and interview with Mehmet…rolled about laughing at that one!

Anyone going to Hastings Monday? As my man is in Syria I will be riding alone!:frowning:

with reference to the last post…it WAS NOT posted by Simon …but by Caroline…his sister-in-law…otherwise you might get the wrong idea!! LOL!

Hi everyone!

Nick sent me this podcast for you all to take a look at

Could not be more different from the ride to Hastings tomorrow. See you all there!