Nice Welsh Roads?

I’m planning a quick trip over to Wales before I start my new job

Anyone know about the good routes? I remember driving around somewhere near Builth Wells when I was a kid and thinking it would be really nice bike roads…

Thinking about doing a Friday to Sunday with a couple nights camping so any hot tips much appreciated!!


builth up through hundred house


Cheers TimR

A little bit of investigation on Gmaps has also thrown up the rather lovely looking B4518… :smiley:

Alright dude…

Good plan… I was up there the week before last… planned to go the TT but bike went tits-up before got there. North Wales has really nice flowing roads… somewhere up near Snowdonia… stayed overnight in Betwys y Coed which was really nice and there’s a MASSIVE bike rest/cafe called Ponderosa cafe right up in the mountains… there was prob 200 bikers up there when I went.

Have a good un! :wink:

Be aware of all rules and Regs. Welsh Police quite hot on Bikers

not going to copy it all again but see here for some more of my fave rides around there and others …( born west wales so area has been my playground )…