nice video

I never seen this video before

thanks LB


also never saw this…

why wasnt this advertised/publisied more?.. :ermm:

Hello Gixer rider! :smiley:
Yes seen it on

Why do you think I ain’t got any time for whingers on this topic.
We made this nearly 2 years ago, it was well publicised on LB, YouTube and plenty of other sites… and everyone say on their thumbs… you can guess where the tips of the thumbs were eh…

having just rewatched it, I’m sad to say Mr Cashmore’s predictions simply failed to materialise. No fight, no demo’s, just too much money and too little interest to get off bums and fight… ah well. guess you lot are too rich after all…

well excuse me for starting riding a little more than a year ago and not reading up on ‘history’!! :crazy: or hearing about parking charges till about a couple months ago.

you’re excused… but don’t let it happy again :slight_smile:

say no more :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

this is fantastic