Nice save !!!!!!!!!!!!

crazy that isn’t it… I suppose it is a benefit of being good enough that when your cornering you are pretty much on the floor already… When I fall off, there will be a 2 foot drop! no saving them ha ha

defies gravity, great stuff

First it was pegs down…

Then it was knees down…

Elbows down followed…

Now the bar has been lifted (lowered?) to getting your arse down?

I’m too old for this chit, I’ll leave it to the youngsters, I’ll just sit over here in a comfy chair & giggle at your fail vids on youtube! :smiley:

Made me a bit sad :frowning: That’s prob what Sic was doing when it all went horribly wrong.

exellent recovery indeed :w00t::smiley:

Get a grip man! Its racing. These things happen.

Jamie Hacking had crashed in the same place the previous year and wanted to avoid it again…Amazing stuff