Nice route to Southampton?

I’m heading down to Southampton tomorrow morning for some work and taking the bike with me. Any nice routes I can follow? Would rather not take the M3/A3 all the way down…
I remember heading to the area on a TimR ride last year and it was great!

If anyone’s up for a ride starting at 9.30, come join. You’ll have to make your way back by yourself though!

Ive done the A32 a few times to fareham & the A31 to Winchester if that’s helps both nice rides

Go down the A31 to Alton then A32 down the Meon valley as far as Corhampton then the B3055 thro Bishops Waltham and Botley then another 5 miles-ish to Southampton

Cheers for the suggestions guys. A31/32 then small roads sounds good. I assume I need to take the A3 to Guilford and then split off? Went to Guilford once, not the nicest of rides.

spend more on fuel and get on the A272!!!