Nice route out of SW London?

Hello All,

I’m planning a little ride out with some mates (although anyone is welcome) this Saturday (10am) from Kew Bridge. Planning on being out for 4-5 hours and I was wondering if anyone had any top tips for routes?

I was initially thinking of going over to Windsor and then taking it from there, but to be honest I’m clueless about good routes around there or out of SW London.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


It might not take you 4/5 hours but a good route is to head from you towards chertsey, then follow Virginia Water/Windlesham/sunninghill and head towards Bracknell and Bagshot, when you get to the A329 head towards Windsor. This will bring you through the Windsor great park.

The roads around there are lovely and you cant really take a wrong turn. There is a good mix or 40 & 50 MPH roads with a fair few nsl’s.

I often do a variation of the above on a summers evening-its takes me an hour and a bit (from near chertsey so will take you a bit longer) and I come home with a grin on my face and covered in bugs.

Hope the above makes sense, tried to plot it on a google map but could attach it.

Thanks DannyBoy that sounds perfect mate.

I’ll have a quick look on Google now and see if I can understand the route. I’ll post it back up here for masterful eye to give it the once over.


No worries, I am leaving work now and not back until some time next week so wont be able to check it.

Have a good one.

If you want to head for Windsor go down past Kew Gardens and hook up with the A316 at Richmond, head over Twickenham Bridge, then come off at Sunbury Cross and head up A308. That is the way I’d do it. It’s a short run, not going to take long. Lots of small roads round there but that area is a bit overcrowded with people, cars, homes etc.

I’d recommend following A308 until you get to A404, head towards High Wycombe, then up the A4010 towards Aylesbury, then back down A413 to Uxbridge, A40 ending up with a cuppa at the Ace. Did this a couple of weeks back, fast open roads. Or head toward Henley, then Wallingford for a cuppa at Fox’s diner.

Cheers nuts, that looks like a tasty option. The link to it on Google Maps is here:,+-0.301980&daddr=A308,+Staines,+Middlesex,+United+Kingdom+to:A308%2FAlbert+Rd+%4051.467310,+-0.597400+to:A308%2FWindsor+Rd+%4051.488320,+-0.674360+to:A404,+Marlow,+United+Kingdom+to:B4443%2FMandeville+Rd+%4051.808850,+-0.809020+to:A329%2FStadhampton+Rd+%4051.695220,+-1.114490+to:henley+to:A321%2FWokingham+Rd+%4051.451890,+-0.848770+to:A329%2FLondon+Rd+%4051.411300,+-0.694940+to:B378%2FSchool+Rd+%4051.423810,+-0.449420+to:A307%2FThe+Quadrant+%4051.462850,+-0.302440&mrcr=9&mra=mr&sll=51.522843,-0.32341&sspn=0.286246,0.526657&ie=UTF8&z=11&om=1

Comes in at just under 4 hours (assuming that traffic regulations are adhered to…)

Which is perfect. Cheers.

If you have 4/5 hrs, I would suggest heading out on the M3 to J4a (maybe 15/20 minutes from Kew), then take the back roads via Hartley Wintney/Hook/etc to the A339 and on to the A272 (via Alton) heading back east. You can turn back up to SW London at several places depending on how you are getting on for time.

Both the 339 and 272 are excellent roads.

then add on the road up past odiham which brings you back up towards the m3/a30/a3