Nice of the insurance companies

How nice of the insurance companies to come out and say that they will cover people for damage during the rioting, though they forgot to mention that they can then claim it all back from the police:doze
So we pay our premiums to the insurers, they pay out to those who are affected, the police funds pay them, and we end up paying for it again through our taxes. Only people who don’t lose out are the insurers.


The police pay the insurers to pay out?

If that’s true, it’s mental.

Insurers pay you, then claim it back from the police. Estimated at well over 100million damage, it could decimate police funds which are already under huge pressure from the Government. Can’t have big business losing money though, can we now?:angry:

Isn’t that only if the police officially call it a riot… Aren’t they officially calling it ‘violent disorder’?

If it’s just down to what they call it then I wouldn’t expect them to call it a riot anytime soon.