Nice looking bikes...but Chinese...Hope theyre getting there with their build quality

pretty nice looking bikes

Jailing have been around for years and years.

Fist I knew of them was when they were sub contracting to Honda building small single cylinder engines for them. (Cub C90 to XL250)

This un announced partnership continued for years with Honda later handing them the production rights for a lot of older models. Could well be wrong but I think I recall the XL125 and XL250 being imported into the UK under the Jailing name.

Got good press but I never saw one on the road.


Surprisingly good looking bikes but still made of cheese. :smiley:



its a hornet with a different badge on it !!!

The all knowing said that about Japanese bikes in the sixties;)

These Chinky bikes are the garlic bread of the bike world… They’re the future;):cool:

Oh yes! There was a time when the hardcore biker would have been embarassed to be seen on a Japanese bike. There has been a ‘slight’ change in this position in the intervening years! :wink: