Nice looking bike.

I just found this bike from Yamaha on the US website. Looks really nice.Does anyone know if it will be coming to the UK?

will be called diversion over here and we get half faired version

Cheers mate, they should of given an option for the full faired version. Oh well :wink:

id imagine they will make it over here from places like DK motorcycles etc and yamaha may have there arm twisted if theres enough interest and bring some in , the old diversion was a great little bike , bit dull maybe but great for commuting

If it’s based on the Fazer 600 (then it’s basically a fully faired fazer) if so it looks like Yam want to compete head to head with the Suzuki GSX650F (which is basically a fully faired Bandit). If it’s anything like the Suzuki then it should be a good value all rounder.

there is a poll on MCN about whether the US only fully-faired Diversion should come to the UK

Just voted, Yes.

88% Yes

12% No

looks like a faired bandit … erm, strange, and where are trademark yamaha headlights?

I think Suzuki are asking their lawyers, ‘Can they do that, can they copy our design and get away with it?’ :hehe:

I think they look pretty similar but I prefer the Yam - it’s more contemporary looking (the underslung exhaust and the tail unit are much more up to date than the suzook).

They should not have modelled the fairing so closely on the suzuki - they should have based the fairing on the FZ1 and marketed it as a mid-sized FZ1. I haven’t seen a pic of the latest uk spec xj6 diversion yet.

I think it will sell really well in the UK - I would be suprised if they don’t bring it over. Why would anyone vote no? Why would anyone object to having this bike sold here? (Apart from Suzuki GB! :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think Yam may be taken to court for that :pinch:

whys the Yam got a towbar ? :slight_smile: