Nice Ducati Exhaust

Isn’t it?



Nicely curves downpipes, and an interestingly shaped hole at the end, I wonder if it has a removable baffle?

thats a bit different lol

The chicks more interesting! :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought that’s what Ian was talking about:w00t:


FEck me look at those heels!!!

i think its cr@p, birds nice though

You gotta love Daisy Dukes:D

I think those heels has been extended. :smiley:

Do you think she’d get enough feel from those shoes to back it in?;):smiley:

shite tattoo! the rest of her is pretty fine though:D

When are Ducati going to join the 21st Century??? bloody antiquated trellis frame:w00t:

She lully 0

Ms Fernandez has a similar pair, she calls them her stripper shoes.

Just the thing for a night at Torture garden.

The zorst reminds me of some I’ve seen on prilla SXVs