nice cold crisp winter ride...............

It was nice and sunny the other day so just had to get out on the bike again…Bl00dy freezing but smile inducing


winter 05 ride 001.jpg

Nice picture, njs71! A cold ride can be nearly as good as a hot one, for sure, as long as it’s not too slippery.

Yeah, just don’t forget that even when it’s dry your tyres are not so sticky as normally due to the temperature …

Just be careful you don’t run over any fat men in red suits, esp if they’re sitting in a sleigh pulled by reindeer!


Nice advice, Evel.

lol Andrew your a bugger lol

Andrew, I didn’t hear my bike’s tank complaining how sticky your rear tyre was…

Such a great bike ! Love it!

So, it’s true what they say about the dark visors…they don’t let others see your teeth chattering

love the look off that bike, just how cool would it be to stunt that

This is true… I find the best way to warm the tires up, is to put them in the microwave for thirty seconds.

Mmmmm, LOL Think the wife may have somthing to say about that

Must have a big microwave Jay…