next year hopefully....

Duno if anyone is familar with northern ireland, apart from the negativity it has some of the worlds greatest scenery, and one of the uks top road races (free of course)

twisty roads, not a speed camera in sight, smooooooth tarmac and breathtaking scenery, and hopefully ill be there next yr!!

I would like to tour there

did anyone see the Coast programme on BB2 sunday night. I think Northern Ireland has some of the most spectacular scenery bar the west coast of Scotland. I’d love to go to NI, it has very good write ups in lots of holiday guides.

actually in a twisted kinda way the troubles actually helped northern irelands rural and scenic areas- the tourists never came, which meant the areas never got commercialised, and therefore remain largely unspoilt

I miss home sometimes!

Been there once years ago. Fabulous roads, albeit dark, but at times it was difficult to fill the car up. “Wrong plates” and all that.

u musta been in a dodgy place!

i was brought up and lived there for the first 19yrs of my life before moving here, and i can honestly say in 5 yrs in england, ive seen more things to worry about than my lifetime up to that point near belfast

It was in Belfast in 1989; my rental plates were County Fermanagh, obviously not orange enough for some people…

to be fair, if you were in an "orange’ area you would ave prob been safe enough, if u were in a "green’ area tho, with an english accent (are you english?) then its no wonder you had bother!

but i aint getting into another political debate, i came here to mention the POSITIVE sides of northern ireland…

How’s this for positive: the Giant’s Causeway is one of the most fantastic natural things on our planet! And, then there’s the road that goes along the northern shores from the Giant’s Causeway all the way to Co. Donegal, absolutely gorgeous scenery!

gdgd, thats the spirit

I’d like to take my bike to NI - there are a couple of guys on another forum I use from those parts and they’re always talking the place up!

Its near the top of m ‘to do’ list!!!