Next Wednesday 26/08 - BM to Brighton fish and chip run (Weather allowing)

Wish you could delay this for a week. Did one mid June and it was great. The seafront chippies had closed up early but there’s a excellent takeaway on the main road across from the sea world place.

There is no reason why we shouldn´t repeat it

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  • WildBoy
  • Big_Red_S
    -Boris ?

(?) = very likely but not sure yet

Anyone else?

Go on then.

Ang on, which day is it again?.. there was a mention of Tuesday…

Hello guys, I thinkg we should CANCEL this, storms predicted for tomorrow, no point on getting wet for fish a chips. What do you reckon

Forecast Summary


Cloudy and windy at first with outbreaks of occasionally heavy rain. Gradually becoming dry and less windy from the west during the morning, though rain persisting in Kent until evening.


You can get fish n chips in Margate!

The route there isn’t so good, the route back offers little in the way of alternatives.

The fish n chips will be of an equal quality or lottery.

The nice creams will be just as nice.

The weather will be fairer providing you stay Canterbury side of the M20.

Feel free to ride to Margate on my behalf and bring me back some fish and chips haha I for one will not be riding to Margate. Margate, have you been to Margate? The elderly and people too young to leave are the only people in Margate. The good thing about Margate is being able to drown in the sea.

I’m not a big fan of Margate.

Just revisited

From 1900 hours Wednesday should be a fair weather run all the way in/out of Brighton

The other good thing about Margate is once you’re there all roads lead somewhere else :wink:

guys, something tells me maybe Martin doesnt fancy Margate … :smiley:

Aha, I’m not on call this week so should be up for this

Boris, it’s raining tommrrow I’ve called it out, unless yall going

Ah handy, next week then?

Yeah, I’m not getting involved in any more Margate trips. I’ve fallen for that one enough times already.

Looking at the forecast link above, it should be all over by the time we’re at BM…

Ah, I’m less up for a trip to Brighton this evening than I was yesterday - last night’s hometime was sort-of predicated on my getting home at a reasonableish time tonight.

There is no point, it’s gonna rain almost all the way there as the weather moves south with us.

No rain on the route from 4pm says that link.

I’m in :slight_smile: v=nuHfVn_cfHU