Next Wednesday 26/08 - BM to Brighton fish and chip run (Weather allowing)

Since Martin told me how they did this last year, I´ve always wanted to do it. The summer is nearly over, so maybe it´s good time to do it next week.

The plan is simple leaving BM between 18:00 to 18:30 to Brighton, then have fish and chips by the seaside and go back home (most likely via highway).

A few of us talked about it today at BM and I think there is 4 to 6 bikes going already, I guess the question is… Who is in?

If anyone wants to suggest routes or restaurants, they are more than welcome to do so. Cheers

Edit: I forgot to mention this won´t be 125 friendly since, there is highways involved, arrive with enough gas to make it to the sea side. No cornerman, no nothing, just legal speeds, and always have the rider behind on your mirror, that way we won´t get lost. I will add a link to the final destination, (restaurant) in case someone wants to blast it or meet us there.

In principal I’m up for this. I was thinking this for a friday night run though people not too bothered about bed times.

But I have a whiskey tasting next wendsday so it might not be clever to do a rideout afterwards. I will be down near BM though I might sway by and wave you off

It´s more exciting on a school night :P!

I seldom start work before midday and seldom go to bed befor 3 am I don’t mind. Just thinking of others

If you’re planned route is A3 M23 A3 why not just hit a local chippy and save the boredom or,

Head for Godstone and take the A22 towards Eastbourne and then
B2028 through Turners Hill to Haywards Heath (well sign posted)
B2121 through Ditchling, Ditching Beacon (view point) and on to Maderia Drive Brighton (also well sign posted) for a choice of chippies and the bike parking bays

Return home the same way in reverse to be sure to be sure :wink:


I think it’s the ride back that’s likely to be not-for-125s, coming back up the fun way’s great, but when it’s 2am and you’re only just crossing the M25 it loses its charm.

It’s tricky to get the way there far wrong, I think, but isn’t it the B2026 that’s the normal favourite? I quite like the BHF cycle route, personally, which is roughly Art’s plan.

I trust Big Red S will come up with a nice route! soon to be published!

Head to Westerham, head south. Great fun but you need a properly good headlight as it starts to get dark. I’m not sure I have a bike that’s set up for that at the moment, as the 640 is on knobblies, and the 990 is waiting on a part :frowning:

I quite liked that route Martin took us down last year, but I’ve no idea what it was.

Oh. Excellent timing!

I’m sure the 640 can take a short ride to the seaside :wink:

Something like this, then? I don’t really do the bit of the country between the river and the southern half of the M25, not sure what to do there.

That route works for me

If u go on Tuesday cal crutchlow is at P&H Crawley 6-8pm with special guest for q & a sesh…


Yes that’s close to the BHF cycle route, done about 10 of those through the '90’s :wink:

Avi’s route is the way we normally return but its not so clear if your unfamiliar with it.

From Brighton A259 (coast road) to Newhaven
Take the unclassified road (sign posted Piddinghoe, Rodmell and Kingston) that runs parallel to A22 to Lewes then
A275, A272 and A22 to pick up the B2026 and follow that to Westerham
Then its west or east on the A25 to get on the M25 and/or your chosen route home

or from Lewes
Take the A26 and A22 to pick up the B2188 and A225 to Eynsford, Eynsford after dark!!!
Leaves you a short hop from Dartford and your chosen route home.

thanks Claire!!!
i’ll definitively have some of that! :smiley:

That westerham route’s nothing like the BHF one, and I don’t think it’s changed much since the '90s (though I can’t remember when I last did it…). That crosses the M25 as Merstham, then almost-straight down past Crawley, over Turners and Ditchling.

Anyway, I’m up for going down that route I stuck up above, but I’ll be smashing it back up the M23, M25, M40 to get home afterwards.

All right so Avi will be leading and setting up a route, that might vary based on attendants. So shall me make a little list

  • WildBoy
  • Big_Red_S
    -Boris ?

who else wants to come?