Next one?

So what are we going to do next?


Rockingham…Bank Holiday Monday…No Limits.


I want to do a twisty circuit to improve my cornering skills.

I’m still drying out from the last one

I don’t have anything lined up at the moment Jay, but am going to see if i can get my name down for a Brands day in September. I’ll keep you posted.

Plenty of corners per minute there Afro Rockingham does not compare with this historic and technical track!

Jolly boys outting to Jerez.

4 days at a proper BO! GP circuit, hotel, bike transport and flight - all for less £ than 3 days 'round Brands GP. Rumour has it that Kevin Healey will also turn your bed covers back at no extra cost.

I hope to fit a brit day in before that - but I’m off on a job tomorrow, and I have a project in France next month.

I hope the weather is great for you guys over the bank holiday.

(It will be hot,hot,hot where I’m working - but I will be working everyday )

I’d be keen to do one at brands in september B, if you can sort out some dates?

I want to do that Spanish track holiday thing…Costs about £700…Who organises those again?

focussed events normally!

For the last couple of years I have been doing the Hottrax May event to Almeria. Three days on track, £ 700 all inclusive and brilliant! For a £100 or so less, you can do Cartegena in November for 4 days, but three is enough for my bike and me.

There’s places left on the FE Jerez trip in October.

I’ll show you the way 'round on my superduke - no extra charge!

Im doing Brands in Sept and maybe again in Oct, ill keep y’all posted …

B, are you organising a group?

There was a Brands date available for next early next week but obviously that’s too late to get a few of us together.

I’m really up for a good day at Brands soon but the instructor spaces may well be taken, that situation can change overnight though so fingers crossed.

I’ll keep you posted…would be good to see you out on track Nim

Knobble them B, nick their tyres or something

Booked, next Tue 28th, and Wed 5th of Sep, both at brands!

Anyone else going?

B, will you be there on either or both

C’mon…Join us for Mallory…It’ll be fun

You too Melda!

Mel, result! I’ve just got onto the 28th August Brands day

I’ll start a new thread to see if we can get a few more people interested. There’s still plenty of spaces.

Sorry i can’t join you Afro, Brands always wins over Mallory plus it’s local.

B-FANTASTIC! really looking forward to it, and weather forecast is looking good, but then again, you never know!

Afro, I will join you guys, will confirm as a soon as I book