Next Newbie night at the Ace Cafe???

When’s the next newbie night at the Ace Cafe??..Who’s going???..What time???

Newbie night at the Ace is the first monday of the month, next one 2nd April

You mean 5th March is the next one, the one after is 2nd April :wink:

Ok 5th march cheers…If anybody’s going let me know!

I’m in if I’ll survive my stag weekend :slight_smile:

oop… My bad… I did mean the 5th of march… :Whistling::smiley:

Should be up for this:)

Cool anybody’s who up for going PM me and we can arrange to meet up…

i may come but be in car as bike in bits

Weren’t you selling a bike so you could have a baby? Or was it sell the baby so you could afford parts for the bike?

sold bike as needed cash towards car for baby but have a bike in bits going to build hopefully within next month…

Awesome! Glad you’ll be on two wheels again soon :slight_smile:

I’ll hopefully be in.
Hopefully its lighter in the evening.

only been a week but missing it, wrapping the frame this week will post some photos up :smiley:

Think I will be popping down, be nice to see some friendly peeps, between 6:30/7:30 ish :smiley:

ill make an attempt I suppose, weather picking up a bit. ill hopefully have my orange body on by then :wink:

aren’t you wearing it now?

He means the fairings. They aren’t on the bike yet. I don’t think his even go them yet.