I have recieved and email from London Bikers titled news letter but the email has nothing in it. It’s just blank was it anything important?

Ahhh, you cane not see HTML email then.

All about Christmas really.

Ok cool

Well I am going to the party thats enough for me lol

Oh, just a poll of 120 semi-naked photos of 12 LB ladies for you guys to choose each Month from… I’m still aiming for September, and thought the picture of me spread on the autumn leaves in the style of American Beauty was the best, especially with the Vespa in the background.

Tough, Terry, looks like you missed your chance of voting…

Seriously, though, looks like your antivirus/pop up blocker or some such thing went OTT. It talked about the site, the Xmas party, the LAA sponsorship, racing and galleries.

Steady on girl, you’ll have his visor steaming up

I didn’t see any scantily clad ladies in the newsletter, best I look harder.

Must be me too…how can i get it again and then how do i get pc to read it?

Which mail ap are you using?

huh…? MM you should know better than that, I have no idea!!! Hotmail did you mean…

Just been reading the source code and think it might be too complex for hotmail. It won’t even forward properly out of Outlook.

Here it is converted into HTML and without GFX.

Cheers Mo… though even that came out with lots of forward slashes and numbers etc between words, could read enough of it, very kind of you.

Jay…is there going to be a change to this for the next one?

I don’t think I even received it!

First off, apologies to anybody that received the newsletter but was unable to view it. We tested it on various email clients before it went out and it passed our initial tests. It would seem some email clients aren’t able to view, or block the html newsletter content. We’ll be making changes in the future so that a text version of the newsletter will be sent out, so those who can’t view the fancy html one, will see a plainer version.

For now, here’s what was sent!

Yeah Hotmail didn’t like to show the e-mail so thanks for that Jay

Looks like the New Year is going to be quite exciting here on LB

Damn straight fella.

Hey, Paivi… I haven’t fogotten about the calander for next year!!! September is your month girl!!!