Newish to the Forum

Hi there, my name’s Penny and I’ve recently got my first bike, a lovely old SV650. I’d love to attach some photos but they keep showing as someone else!!

Joined a few months ago and went on the ride-out last Sunday to Stonehenge…great time and big thanks to all my fellow LBs.

Been pillion since I was 7 but only got round to taking the full test last year so need to get the miles in, although maybe not in today’s hurricane winds!!

And yes, I am a big fan of How to Train your Dragon…

Not sure these are the photos you intended?

I think you have to rename the files and try again!

Welcome Penny, any relation to the Heaven Penny’s?

Oh yes rename the images, for some reason the images need a unique name.

Whose chain and sprockets is that?

thanks Bryan, how weird!!

Thanks Art, sorry to disappoint but no relation!

Tried renaming but they still seemed to appear as the pair of blokes and chain/sprockets…very weird.

Try renaming them something like penny1 etc

Welcome - How to Train Your Dragon is a fave … even better in 3D :slight_smile:

Be careful playing this on Facebook or iPhone … its a bit addictive …

Welcome Penny, my daughter loves those films.

I think you have to rename the images and then upload them again, else your just renaming the images you don’t want to display.

After loads of shenanigans I finally got the correct photos attached!! Seems like the forum and my own photos in the Mac’s iPhoto library aren’t best of friends.

So here’s my lovely old SV650 on the day I bought her, and another one with the OH’s Sprint on a ride out to Kent the other week.

Thanks again for all the helpful suggestions




Very nice

Verry nice. Brings back old memories of being a newbie :slight_smile:

I have a spare pillion seat for some reason if you need another.

Welcome SV rider :cool:

Here are our SVs…

hey hey, good choice in movies, questionable motives :smiley:

(i have no idea what im talking about, im in a weird mood)

welcome anyway :smiley:

welcome to the forum.

another how to train your dragon fan is always welcome in my opinion

Hi Penny :slight_smile:

Was nice to meet you last Sunday

Nice old Trumpet.

Welcome fellow SV rider!

Thanks everyone…passed the Trumpet compliment onto the OH and glad to know there’s other SV riders out there!!