Newest Project...

Bought an old GSX 750F a few weeks ago, was black but had been painted badly - it’d been dropped a few times and bad filler job and black hammerite was the order of the day for the owner at the time. Rode it into my dad’s garage and stripped all the paint off and started again. He also made some brackets for the box, as this is going to be my ‘utility’ bike so I need to carry stuff.



Full pics here:

sugar, nice job!

nice job,:slight_smile:

good work!

just dont carry heavy dumbells in that topbox!! :wink:

Nice one - good bikes them. :slight_smile:

looks good did you spray it yourself ?

reliable bike those as well did over 12k on my one in less than a year :slight_smile:

kool job. i would off left it black;)