hey im new to the site. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking around on the net for a bike, bit difficult as I’m currently 15 and lookin to get a bike shortly after my 16th. :smiley:

I got directed to this site and seen a lot of people seem to know what theyre talking bout so thought id join and ask for some tips as to getting a good, ideal, geared bike??

cheers, rich

Welcome to LB - am sure you will get some good tips on bikes from people on here:)

Hi and welcome :slight_smile: … hyosung GT/GTR’s are not to bad, they look like a 600 and are really nice to ride, unless you have my one lol

Hello and welcome…:slight_smile:

Welcome :slight_smile:

Hello young man. I was hooked on bikes at 15 as well.

welcome mate.
i think at 16 ur only allowed a 50cc… so the only thing i can suggest is a rs50 or a derbi geared 50…
not to sure of any others u can ride at 16

Welcome to LB.

Ahh, youth. (jealous)

Welcome to LB - there’ll be plenty to choose from as you get older/more experienced. Now’s the time to get stuck in!

All the best mate

Hi and welcome. :smiley:

thanks for the welcomes and suggestions everyone :D, will take a look around the internet at them.

pictures from group meets look like theres a lot of fun to be had on a meet… hopefully one day :wink: haha

welcome:) 2 wheels FTW;)