One biking newby here.

My name’s Paul (small to everyone who knows me). I’m 22 living in South East London (Woolwich).

I bought myself an SV650s (k4) about 2 months ago. It’s my first bike. I’m a bit new to it all, but lovin’ every second of it. I don’t really have anything of interest to talk about, just thought I’d say… “hi” :smiley:

welcome dude

there’s always to talk about on here you’ll fit in well

im Barry 24 from sw London streatham riding a silver sv650 k3

Hiya mate.

Nice bike.

Is that the (k4) aswell? It looks identicle to mine, except mine’s blue. I’ll get a pic uploaded as soon as I take one.

How long have you been ridin’?

Hello and welcome again :slight_smile:

Tell you what… I think I need some sleep. I don’t know why I asked you whether yours was the k4 when it clearly says k3 in your original post. Sorry bout that. It’s like school all over again “must pay more attention”. :wink:

Hello and welcome, I am not far from you in Bromley - I had an SV650s for my first bike.

That’s quite reasuring to know. I think I made the right choice. To be honest, the biggest thing I was worried about was the weight, having dropped quite a few bikes :blush: But the SV feels great to ride. The occasional bit of bum ache on long rides, but apart from that, I love it.

What are you riding now?

Thanks v much :slight_smile:

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

There are a few of us around that way - one of our number has set up a site dedicated to ride outs for the South London Massive, as it were :smiley:

Have a look-see at the link in my signature and join up if you like :smiley:

Thanks very much. I’ll check it out a.s.a.p.


Ellooo, welcome to LB:D


haha yeah wakey wakey its the first of the fuel injection models.

ive been on the road for a year now clocked up 12,000miles:D

Hi and welcome; im not far from you at all im from Abbeywood :smiley:

Wow… you have been busy!

I haven’t really been clocking up any miles just recently for one reason or another, but now the weather’s gettin’ better, I think I’ll get geared up and head out :slight_smile:

I’m thinking about heading down to the Borough Market Meet. I don’t suppose you know what time that happens on a Wednesday do you? It doesn’t really say anywhere, unless… it does and I’m just not paying attention (again) :wink:

That’s not too far away at all. The only reason I know that is coz I get off the train a few stops before. If it wasn’t for that, I wouldn’t have a clue.

I’m completely hopeless at finding my way around this city. I know where I live, where I work, and where the pub is. After that, I get a bit stuck :wink:

When I’m riding round, I usually tape my sat-nav to my bike somewhere, otherwise it would probably turn into a very long ride :smiley:

yeah ride every day love it

people get there from 5:30 onwards really and goes on till 9 10 at night depends how many coffees we have

Nice one!

Thanks for that. I might be brave and go down on Wednesday. But being a new rider, I hate riding round London when it’s chocka.


I ride a K6 SV650s in Blue.

Live right next door to Woolwich, in Plumstead

Hi and welcome aboard.