newbieee in east london

hey peoples:D, im new here (obviously) and im looking for a few meetup’s/rideouts - whatever you wana call them!

currently riding a cbr 600 rr(gorrrrrgeous!!)

reckon u can keep up?? - haha - joke!!:smiley:

Hello and welcome to LB:D

hi and welcome to lb

welcome! :cool: nice RR u have there :smiley:

thanks peeps!!

and Broady - loving that police video - haha made me smile kinda like this :D:D

Hello and welcome, very nice bike!

welcome to lb mate:) i’m in east london if your ever up for a blast… if you can keep up:D

Hi and welcome…:smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome! i will be riding around east london looking lost this evening

thanks - what for??



Vasssup?? - thats a new! - lol!!

i thought it was ‘Wasssup’ no?:smiley:

strange woman!!!:hehe::hehe:

Welcome fellow east londoner :smiley:

Welcome, Nice honda you got yourself there :wink:

no lou correct, when we do early morning breakfast club run it always involves a tub of vaseline:D

do i want to know why or should i just not bother even asking!!;)whoop whoop my birthday on SATURDAY - 21 years of youth!!:D:D

trying to find my mates house in Bow. I found it although i nearly went the wrong way near old street :hehe:

alright mate, i’m in east london as well, pop over to the Borough Market meet on wednesday evenings and say hello. I’m not gonna be there for a few weeks but there’s a good bunch of guys and girls there, few other from east as well;)

welcome to lb, nice bike, i have the 600rr too but its in the hannspree colours. looks good in red though:D