I’m Tadeusz, just pass module two in this October.
At this moment don’t have Bike but looking for something.

Regard for Everyone :slight_smile:

Witam w LB :slight_smile:

Witaj Tadziu :slight_smile:


I’m looking too, seems I’m too picky in what I expect :frowning:


Welcome :slight_smile:

You looking for a baby 125cc or a bigger bike? The SV650S is a great starter bike if you’re after something a bit more lively. Although taking it easy with a sweet 125cc is great too :slight_smile:

I’m looking for 600cc probably Japanese.

Hi, I’m new too. I also dont have a bike.
But I’m looking for a new one
any one have any idea??

Welcome :slight_smile:

If you want the newest, fastest, flashiest, environmentally friendly thing on the block, try THIS or THIS:wink:

Hi and welcome!