Hi all,

Have been riding 125cc (Hyosung GTR) for almost 1 year, Mod1 and Mod2 booked for next week and can’t wait to get rid of the L plates :slight_smile:

Would like to ask for some advise as I am starting to think about getting the first “big bike”.

  • Will be used for daily 50 miles (round trip) commute all year round (urban + A4/M4)
  • I am tall - 6’3" long legs and arms.
  • £2K budget could probably stretch for the right bike.
  • Needs to be frugal.
  • Around 600cc
  • Preferably sporty looking with full fairing

Ideal bike would be GSX650F, it ticks all the boxes and love Suzuki styling but I think to get a decent one I need to spend closer to £3K.

The SV650 looks to be a very popular first bike choice but I am worried it will be too small and loses its value quick.
Other bikes I like

Kawasaki Versys
Kawasaki ER6F

Many thanks in advance!

Welcome mate. I had a hyosung gt 125 r for 2 days and then a car pulled out lol. Good luck with your test. :slight_smile:
How much will you be asking for the hyosung? Loved that bike to bits :slight_smile: quite hard to find them

Will be asking around £1K for it but might wait until spring summer before I sell it.

It served me well so far, reliable and can be fun but its hard work doing 50 miles every day on a 125. Have to rev it hard to get it going on the A4.

Welcome to the nut house
Try any bike that catches your eye you will find one to suit your needs
Ask yourself what your needs are
Don’t discount sports bikes they filter better than quite a few commuter bikes
600cc doesn’t automatically mean frugal
I have a 955i and do around 100 miles round trip each day and get around 50 mpg and I don’t hang around

I’m swapping over to a gsxr1000 in the short future and don’t expect to much to change

Welcome to LB :slight_smile:


I had a ER-6f from 2008. Loved that bike. Did a 60 mile commute on it and a holiday to France on it. Very comfy, easy to ride and fun.

But as people say, try different bikes and see what you like.

Try a Kawa Versys :wink:

I was going to get an ER-6, but they are proper cramped for tall people (I’m 6’2).

Thanks for the tips. Went to sit on a few bikes today and was lucky enough to find all the bikes I like.
Versys felt light and has a very comfy upright position but looks bulky at the front, wide bars and the styling is not that great compared to others.
ER6n is very light and has comfy relaxed seating position, looks great but felt like a big scooter rather than a big bike. GSX650F felt right with good amount of weight, comfy position and not too upright with sporty look.

Found second hand K9 GSX650F with 20K on the clock with no service history (the price reflects this). Current owner had the bike for 6 month (with throttle A2 restriction ) and it was previously owned by a training school instructor who apparently serviced it himself regularly.

The other option is Cat C recovered stolen K7 with 11K on the clock.Some cosmetic damage and will need a new lock set which I am happy to try replace myself.

Both are around my budget figure and the second one well below. What do you guys think? I am keen to get GSX650F now.

I ride a GSX650F, I think it’s a great first ‘big bike’ – I’ve still got a good couple of years before it’s not enough bike for me, although this past year I’ve been discovering what it can really do up at 12-14k rpm. That said, I bought new and have looked after it, so can’t offer an opinion on the ones you’re looking at. If you’re not handy with tinkering, I’d bring someone with you who is and get them to properly check the bike over before you buy; if you’re happy and the price is right, buy it.


The GSX650F is a good call

I looked at a number of these but never got round to a test ride although I got to sit on Szymon’s and really liked the riding position. I have a test ride on the Suzuki GSR600 which is a similar unfaired bike, what put me off these 600cc fours and there’s a clue in Szymon’s write up, is they are very high revving, then again so are all the 600cc fours. I’m now looking at big bore long stroke 1,000cc+ machines with four to see this Friday :smiley:

Tips when checking used motorcycles

If its got less than 6 months MOT then ask for it to be MOT’d and check the ‘Advisories’. Nothing to much wrong with a couple of advisories on an MOT as long as they have been tended to i.e. advisory on rear tyre wear and bike has since had new tyres fitted is as things should be. Other things to check include

Tyres - not squared off with >4 mm tread
Brake discs - no gouges and not too steep a lip on the outside/inside disc edges.
Brake pads - >4 mm friction material, <2mm and they’ll need changing.
Brake callipers - not an easy check just make sure the bike rolls easy, if it has a centre stand check the wheels rotate freely.
Sprockets - if the sprockets show little sign of wear the chains probably good too as these are normally replaced as a kit.
Chain - check for seized links, rust and any signs of wear again if the bike has a centre stand its an easy check.
Free operation of controls - brakes, clutch, steering, control switches, lights etc

Also check the brake and clutch lever pivots, clutch inner cable, foot peg pivots, side stand pivot, centre stand pivots. These are not critical items, however if they show signs of being lightly oiled/greased then its a good sign of proper servicing detail. Brake fluid is another indicator of good/bad servicing detail, most manufacturers recommend renewing the brake fluid every two years therefore it should be a clear golden colour, if its grey and murky or there are black specks lurking in the base of the reservoir servicing has probably been skimped on.

What’s wrong with high revving?

I love it when they scream

Thanks for the tips, might print it off and take it with me this Saturday. I am not shy of getting my hands dirty, I adjusted valve clearances on my Hyosung and rebuild the carbs this summer. Its actually one of the reasons I want to buy second hand so that I can save on servicing costs by doing it myself.

Looking at the MCN review of GSX650F its says that there is enough power at the low end and the power is progressively spread. It will be million times better than what I currently have anyways.

Some bad and some exciting news.

Failed my mod 1 today with one major - put my foot down during U-turn exercise. The rest was a breeze, very annoyed with myself.

Exciting news is that I picked up GSX650F K9 with 20K on the clock on Saturday. Needs some TLC but the price was right.
Took her apart today, flashed the coolant, took cam cover off and checked valve clearances. Exhaust side valves on cylinders 1,2,3 need adjusting,
radiator needs to be straightened and fan fixed/replaced as it was not rotating due to radiator bend.

Is there Eurocarparts equivalent for Motorbikes? Where do you guys buy motorcycle parts?