Have joined the forum today. Live in London. Passed my direct access around 2 years ago. Currently looking for a new bike since my SV650S.

Wanted to know whether anyone had any thoughts on the Z750 or whether there is anything i am overlooking?


SV650S (2001) Had the bike for around a year and a half, communted around 25 miles every day for about 8 months. Rain got to me in the end im afraid. Did most of the winter though. Electrically it was a bit of a nightmare and had quite a few problems before i got rid. Build wasnt good or in bought a bit of a rat bike to be honest.

Looking to get.

Do like the Z750 (Older model - 2004 onwards). Think i would like a change to streetfighter / naked mean looking bike. Looking to pay about £2,500.

Tested the GSR600 which seems quick but not sure about the build quality. Super Duke looks amazing but way out my price league. Bandit all seem to have fairly standard write ups. Truimph look good and looked at Street Trippe and Speed Four but i get the impression if they go wrong it will be a serious bill!

Want something as a step up than a standard 600 but not something outragous i would say i am still a newbie to biking. Been on a few bike trips including Wales, Brussles and Lake district but havent been riding for years like some of you.

Any thoughts to help me.

Keep checking gumtree, piston heads but all the ads are in Scotland and Belfast. Need a friend or garage i know to check over a bike before i part cash!

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

You should get one of these :smiley:



Hello mate welcome to LB

Hi And Welcome To BM Hope To See You Soon At BM Or Ace

Hi welcome to LB :smiley:

sv are a good bike, take a look at Autotrader, and preloved, as well,Hornets

are great bikes too, put info:on the bikes you like and way em up, Good luck with it.:slight_smile:

Hi & welcome

I’ve got a z750 & really enjoying it. Goes touring, on track & commutes too, but maybe lacking a little ‘je ne sais quoi’; just sold my zx6r which was a rocket…

Finally myself a bike! Picking it up next week.

Going for a 2006 Z750. 23K on the clock with upgraded exhaust. One owner from new and he has completed service very 4K.

Reckon i gotta good deal and will be hoping to come Borough market soon :smiley:

Welcome to LB:)