hi all just moved back to London just picked upmy new bike and just joined this site, hope to see you all soon


Hi Gary, welcome along

What football team do you support? :hehe:

hola amigo

Welcome to the Den :smiley:

Welcome to LB:D

What bike did you get?

i have a yamaha xvs 650 custom chopped will [ut a photo on once i figure out how to do it lol

welcome from another lions supporter.

you living back nr the den? am only just around corner form there meself.

hi and welcome :):slight_smile:

Hello and welcome to the fun house. Good timing too. COme on Summer :smiley:

i am in welling at the moment but still manage to go to a few games, i normaly drink in the grange after and the forresters before mate

coolio, dont get to many these days meself cash flow prob, lol…

am just round corner from forresters in drummd rd.

Hello and welcome to the LB :cool: