Hi All,

I’m new to the forum, but many of you will know my bike,
regards Dave R,

Terrys been abducted by aliens :w00t: and someone new has his ride :hehe:

welcome to the forum mate. Nice bike - shame about the colour :D:D:D:D we always knew tel was colour blind but you couldnt tel him fccck all :smiley:


I like the colour it makes the bike, each to there own! and my jacket matches.

Dave R.

I like it too :slight_smile: I just like winding up Tel :wink:

Hi and welcome, nice bike :smiley:

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome aboard.

Thanks for the welcome,

Dave R,

so has the bike moved back to london now? went down to blackpool and i know the bloke who had it there got ribbed by his m8s cos of the london bit on there but he stood his ground and kept ot on there.

terry will be happy to see his bike again, lol

when i had a go off said bike i pulled up next to terry and had to ask him to kick the sidestand down, was cos he placed it in the wrong place;)

Nice ride, welcome to LB :slight_smile:

Feel free to post up more pics in the photos forum!

Hiya & welcome to LB - saw your ride in Streetfighter mag a while back :smiley:


No the bike is in south wales, it has made some journeys, i bought it off a guy called colin from nr blackpool, and rode it back, I dont worry about the London thing, what if you buy a bike from japan?, i bought it cause its what i was looking for, not in every respect, but at least in style, and its a pretty good alrounder, Terry has a good eye,
Regards Dave R.

That’ll be the green one, the blue one is on its way out. :slight_smile:

Certainly is good to see the old girl again, and still factory fresh. Welcome.

Yes she is treated like a new born baby, over the winter i will get my polishing kit out and rebuff the alloy parts,

Dave R

Hello! Welcome to LB.

Wow nice bike!!!

Get yaself down to one of the meets or newbie nights.

You know it :smiley:

yeah I do - I’d like to buy some hoodies/tshirts but they’re alwsys sold out :frowning:

They don’t hang about for long. What sizes are you after and when they come in I’ll give you a shout.

Thanks Lou, but a bit to far away for the night,
Regards Dave R,