Hello this is my first post .

Well hello & welcome to LB :cool:

Tell us a bit about yourself :slight_smile:

May you have many more posts…Welcome :smiley:

Hi and welcome aboard.

oh hello there!!:smiley:

Hi there and welcome to LB

Hello! :slight_smile:

Hello & welcome to LB


welcome and enjoy

hey ya!

dont be shy!:smiley:

Hay, Welcome to LB. :cool:

Hello thanks for the welcome. I ride a gs1150 (i had it before euwanobe and charlie:D)I do i lot of touring in europe next year i am going to greece and turkey.The fim rally is in greece next year. It will be a five to six week trip next summer, eastern europe down greece ferry italy alps home.

Welcome to LB - that trip next year sounds like real fun, have a great time!!!

Hello and Welcome :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome along

hiya mate welcome aboard, you dont live in or around enfield at all do ya??

I live near heathrow.

ahhh its k just that every now and again we get a few blokes turn up to the pub on the big bmw tourin bikes and they always seem to be plannin sumthin