Evening fellas.

Read about this site on, live in E2, ride a Bandit 6.

Sorry to all concerned about Ali.

Free bar.

I’ll start with a Havanna Club & coke.

Hello and welcome, mines a bud!

I used to live in E2

My dad was schoolkeeper of Haggerston secondary girls just behind the bingo hall on hackney rd.

We lived on sight… the amount of days I bunked off was far too high, great place to grow up in.

Now live in elephant and castle.

welcome mate!!! hope to see you on wed…

mines a jd…‘n’ dr pepper plz…


Hello Tomfoolery, welcome to LB! Post up a picture of your Bandit in the Pictures & Video forum!

Morning and welcome

Great bunch of lads and lasses here, I’m sure you will find that out. I’m new too, first ride out with them was for a fallen member on Wednesday and I was very touched by this websites community.

You’ve joined a great one here mate

Hi there Tombo…welcome to the home of the lone brain cell where we all walk around boss eyed and gormless with our tongues hanging at a the first whiff of bike exhaust.

Where ya from in E2…Im a native form shitzville too !!..

Hi ya,

I am also from the east but way out east - all the way in e14…

but welcome

Welcome, Jim Bean, staraight to start.

Morning Tom, welcome to LB. They’re a lovely bunch on here, very friendly.

Hey Tom,
Welcome to LB, mine will be a triple JD, forget he rocks

Hello Tom and welcome to LB. I’m in the SW3 posse, sometimes I think I am the SW3 posse. Mine’s a loco poco something at the Waterloo meeting place.

welcome mate and enjoy the site



…Just playing whats good

Hello and welcome.

Hot choccy for me thanks.

Alright Tom, welcome to LB

Thanks for the warm welcome, people.

I’ve been on nights the last week so haven’t had a chance to work on profile/pictures but you’ll soon be able to view my scruffy Bandit in all it’s glory

RO51HOG, I live just off Bethnal Green Road, almost opposite Brick Lane.

Thanks again, guys, will be out for a ride soon enough.

Thats it then…your a made Member…Valance Road Native here …!!

Oh Barro, what the hell are you doing up this time in the morning?

Im at work mate…started at 4.20am !!