Thought I better post a quick Hi to all.

Been floating around for a few days after seeing Jay on the Gixxer forum, feckin nice K5 there matey. Saw it at the Ace on Sunday and looks even better in the flesh.

As for me, Stu, SE London on an all-black GSXR600K4 with plenty of goodies bolted on.

Can I start taking the pi55 now, or do I need to get the virtual drinks in first?

Hi mate

Nice bike suzuki’s rule!!

welcome fella, there’s nothing virtual bout the drinks though… get thee wallet out

lol, cheers guys. Theres a can of Coke with your name on it Matt.

Hey fella, welcome to the site! Post up some pictures of your bike, with a description of it, I love modded bikes Mine’s a Corona.

Wecome to the site - if you are getting them in I will just have a coffee ta.

Don’t think I can quite match you for mods Jay but I’m trying. I’ll post up in a few weeks, got a few more bits arriving soon that to go on first.

Welcome mate mine is a stella

Savoury… Hello and welcome to the site…

Mornin’ and welcome. Mines a coffee cheer.