to you all decided to jump on board now that i have recently been able to work my laptop!

I ride a new GSXR 750k5 the only race rep!!!

See you soon at the Ace

PS, Jay your past 750k4 was wicked nice to see you still fly the suzuki flag !!!

hiya mate

hi. gsxr’s rule

Hey Jalfrazie, welcome to the community! 750’s are the dogs danglies, a close friend has also just bought a K5 750 and is already drooling. I loved my K4 750 so much, it was a dream! Love Suzuki, even more-so after they beat Honda in MotoGP today!

yeah how f*****g cool was that

Hi dude’s

Thanks for welcoming me to the site when is the next meet so i can attend ???

i will post some pictures of the beast soon,

Jay i’m after some rearsets for the bike and noticed you used Gilles on you 750- were they any good? did the black paint on the pegs rub off???

How do i post pictures???


Come to the Ace Cafe this Friday night, around 8pm. This is where it all kicks off, then people head to Chelsea Bridge and Soho. It’s a great night out on the bikes.

The black didn’t come off the Gilles rearsets no, they were tough as houses. I even crashed them a couple of times at the track and they never once broke. Superb rearsets. You can get the parts individually as well. Also worth checking out are GB Moto rearsets, who now make Sato replicas, for £120 or so. Bargain.

You can post pictures by selecting to ‘add attachments to this post!’ when writing your post/reply, then you can supply three images or other files at that time. To add more, just go back and edit the post.

Hi there Jalfrazi… Hopefully we’ll see you out on Friday…
Yeah… The GP was something else today Jay… Butt clenching stuff!!!

Welcome aboard Jalfrazi, see you around sometime.

Hi ya Jalfrazi and welcome


To you all…, Thanks for the advise Jay regarding the rearsets!, this is my baby the project has just started nothing like your past 750 Jay(what a wicked bike) the shopping list is being created as i type…

See you all friday hopefully i will bring some friends if the weather’s great


Some more of the above…


Very nice Jalfrazie! These bikes respond so well to modifications, though just remember, they’re amazing out of the crate! Enjoy it!

Cheers mate

Your 750 got me thinking(mods)!!!, just seen a recent picture of your 1000!!! F***ing hell thats a mean bike !, looking good!