Newbie X 2

Not only am i a Newbie to LB, i’m also a Newbie to bikes in gerneral as i only passed my test in early Feb.

I was out on my lonesome on Sat 3 March in Chigwell when all of a sudden 40-odd bikes roared past me whilst i was waiting at a roundabout. I thought to myself “wait for me!..” and joined onto the back.

I then introduced myself at Esso in Chlemsford and was kindly invited to join the ride to Clacton. And what a great time i had on my first ever rideout!!

and to top it all, i even managed to scrounge some chips from a kind man with a blue/green ZX9R who looked a little like Jesus lol

More Please !! (ridouts, not chips)


‘ponce’ was what we named you wasnt it (only joking)

Glad you had a good time and hope to see you on some more rideouts!

Welcome to LB!! Funnily enough the group seemed to get bigger and bigger along the route, lol. I guess it was Toby1kenobi who shared his chips and yes, he has a bit of a jesus look about him (look only though!!)

Keep an eye on the Rideouts and Meets section. There’s something going on most weekends. We’re having a newbie meet att eh Ace Cafe tonight. Be great if you could make it.

Yes “Ponce” was it! ( i dunno, bullying me on my first rideout lol )

thought i’d avoid using it as my username - didn’t want to get a bad name for myself so soon ha ha

Hey & Welcome! We can change your user name at anytime you want!

Glad you found us!


Bullying?! It’s a term of endearment!

Hey TT600! Welcome to LB! You made the galleries…

Toby is Jesus… I like that, haha…

I forgive you all.

I couldn’t stop laughing for a good 10 minutes when I first read TT600’s first post!

Hi and welcome aboard.


Did he turn the water into wine this time?

No I made chips out of thin air…ran out of loaves

hey ya, welcome

welcome to the site, glad you joined the ride, it was great fun