newbie wants to say Hi

Hi to you all.

I’ve just typed a really lengthy message and found out my cookies timed out. :frowning: So here’s just a quickie. I found your website by chance whilst looking for a tyre recommendation for my 2005 R6 and would appreciate you pearls of wisdom on the subject.

Many thanks,


Message two… :slight_smile:

I’m new to biking and passing my test in July I decided to spoil myself and bought an R6. I work around the corner from Borough markets and live inSouth woodford just off the 406 so I hope to be seeing some of you in the near future.

I never thought that buying a bike would feel so good… :slight_smile: In the 5 weeks I’ve been riding I’ve covered 1600 miles. This weekend I packed my soft panniers and sped off to the Welsh coast… It was brilliant.

I beeter sign off again before these cookies time out.

Hope to see you soon.


Hi and welcome aboard.

welcome to LB

Hey, welcome to LB! Post your question in the Questions & Answers forum, you’ll get a better response then I’m sure.

Come along to our weekly Borough Market meet tomorrow and say hi!

Welcome dude.

Tyres? they’re black, round and made of rubber. Does that help :wink:

Hee-hee … Ah so they are. See I knew biking was simple to understand… :smiley:

Welcome to yet another Essex LBer,must be reproducing ,live Epping way,might see you around High Beech t hut:)

:)Yer Cool… would like that… I’ll keep my eyes open for you.

hi and welcome

Not too far away then :wink:

Welcome aboard :slight_smile: